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Kids Quest


To make a Kids Quest payment or to find out your current account balance please contact Viola Straley violas@ywcatopeka.org or (785) 233-1750 x 218



Locations & Fees

Organized Games & Special Projects
Team work and learning are incorporated daily into the Kids Quest atmosphere through unique hands-on group and individual projects. Projects may be short-term or comprehensive, but all will actively engage and challenge students.

Homework Assistance
Each day students in KidsQuest have designated time for academic work. Students receive guidance for homework assignments, while those without school work are involved in enrichment activities.

Nutrition and Healthful Living
Today’s on-the-go lifestyle often leaves less time for healthy eating and physical activity, both vital components for healthy development. Students in Kids Quest participate in organized physical activity through the use of the school gym and outdoor play area, weather-permitting.

Kids Quest also reinforces healthy life habits with nutritional snacks. Snacks are planned through the school district and are kid-friendly.

Questions please feel free to contact Lauren Journot at laurenj@ywcatopeka.org or (785) 233-1750 x 347.